Autism / Aspergers Syndrome. It is NOT just a man thing!


A Sidmouth mother speaks out about the shame of our services for females with an autistic spectrum condition. She says “it can be likened to a modern-day witch hunt.”

She says “the corruption I have witnessed is untenable and has to be seen to be
believed. The NICE guidelines and SEND laws set up to protect and safeguard these children are being disregarded and flouted by the medical profession and local authority who have outrageously obvious conflicts of interest – to have the responsibility of assessing, diagnosing then educating and supporting our precious children.”

Whilst Melanie understood how difficult things were for Rosie at school she was powerless to do much because she had been humiliated and incorrectly labelled a fabricator so the school felt it had the justification to ignore her concerns.

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Autism! Is it a disability or gift?

Many of the children being born these days have speech and language disorders or various other labels such as ASD, ADHD, DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA and SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER to name but a few. These labels are necessary to “delineate or pigeon hole” what supports they require in school and at home. Depending on which lens these children are viewed through they can be deemed as having disabilities or special needs and do require supports to manage operating in the physical world yet when these children are viewed through an expansive mystical lens we can see they are metaphysically gifted and linked into The Higher Universal Mind – They are our future incarnate, often visionaries overflowing with angelic love. Parents can feel they are in the presence of something Great and often describe them as little Angels, Buddha’s, Krishna’s or Christ’s.

These children come to the Earthplane endowed with mystical gifts and they are humanities salvation here to catapult us beyond survival, materialism and Earths destruction towards an altruistic and loving Earth where everyone’s needs are easily manifested and met. These children are healers and they are unravelling our DNA, not scientifically but through embodiment, so we must endeavour to understand and nurture these children whilst empowering their gifts cloaked within the disabilities.

When we speak to the parents of these children they will often explain how idealistic and sensitive they can be and whilst many of these children struggle to communicate coherently, “conform to what is norm” or process verbal information they seem to be able to effectively communicate telepathically. The parents of these children have no difficulties understanding their needs which is why the NICE guidance of listening to parents and taking their views seriously must be acted upon by professionals. Parents generally do not exaggerate or overstate their child’s needs (they have no reason to) but they just know what it is their children need and it can’t be emphasised enough that it is an investment in humanities future to work in full co-operation with parents.

Be aware that classically autistic, females particularly, can easily evade professional’s expert eyes because they can present so much more subtly than their male counterparts. They are however just as severely impacted but they do seem to be bright, clever and even sociable so the right questions must be asked.

The gifts

As am sure you have by now worked out humanity is undergoing an evolutionary shift which involves a brain and nervous system rewire and when we understand why children (and adults) behave the way they do it is easier for us to manage.

Dreamy or meditative?

We as adults understand that meditation in its many forms is a key to our own personal development yet these special kids are born practising this. They traverse the dimensions in these meditative states and you may see them dancing in their own world or hyperfocusing hypnotically on moving objects. Eg. wheels spinning.

Sensory difficulties or psychic ability

Many of these children have sensory issues going on. and if you consider that we can only perceive what we have needed in order to survive as a race, which may be as little as 10% of what there actually is in our Universe, we can begin to understand how, when our hearing range, sight, taste, smell and touch works beyond the usual range, our senses can perceive what others cannot. It is like a radio bandwidth where you must have the dial in a certain place to pick up Heart radio yet those with sensory issues the band width is set differently so they pick up radio 1 instead. It is the same way that a dogs hearing is attuned to picking up sounds that we can’t hear so we must be aware that a child may be reacting to something we can’t perceive and just because we cannot sense it that does not mean to say it is not there.

The senses can be hypersensitive (oversensitive) or hyposensitive (undersensitive) or a mixture of them both. Senses can also seem to be rearranged so they can see music or hear smells. Some people can hardly feel a broken bone yet scream in agony when touched gently.

Another sensory issue is not knowing where their body is in space – spatial awareness and not intuitively knowing how close to stand next to someone. You can also find these children are unintentionally clumsy and deliberately destructive.


Many of them struggle with time concepts because they are so much in the NOW. In their world there is only NOW. NOW is the doorway to the miraculous and time is a manmade construct so acting in the moment does have its merits but realistically they do need to be very time structured to manage life.

Rigidity in thinking or Hyperfocus?

Rigidity in thinking is also a gift. It may not seem to be when you are trying to manage the child and perhaps get them to start wearing a coat after the heat of summer is over or encouraging them to open up their world. Autistic people hyperfocus on topics that pique their interest. These interests may well not be mainstream, but they are still valid fields of study and with the right support can potentially be turned into a career! These interests can also be utilised by incorporating them into their learning, as a teaching aid.

Their brains and nervous systems are primed for manifesting abundance so are highly sensitive. Some autistics can become rigid thinkers; pathologically demand avoidant and over anxious when overwhelmed or tired. They can also completely lose control if their nervous systems are overtaxed as the protective fight or flight instinct takes hold of them. Be aware that when constantly overtaxed their nervous systems can shut down and they can easily become drained and physically ill. Autistic people require more time on their own, doing their own thing to recharge their batteries, than is typical for most people.

Theory Of Mind and Hyperempathy

There are several forms of empathy the two main ones are

Cognitive empathy – Autistic people lack theory of mind, stopping them from mentally understanding other people’s points of view or emotional states and responding to others appropriately!

Emotional empathy – The autistic brain is highly emotional and autistic people often have an abundance of this emotional empathy. In fact, they are often full on empaths and can become completely overwhelmed by other people’s emotional states. Mirror neurons in the brain pick up the emotion from others and replicate the feelings within themselves. This can also work when the person isn’t physically in their presence so emotional empathy is a metaphysical ability too, which operates beyond the physical realms where there is no physical space.

Parenting / Caring / Teaching Tips

Enter their world to connect with them and support them through what they love to talk about and do!

Facilitate them with learning to trust their inner knowing!

Encourage neuro diversity by helping them be proud of who they are. Not limiting them to your belief system and what you believe is possible helps them become expansive free thinkers!

Be their superhero by empowering their confidence and dreams. Don’t allow others to destroy their self-esteem or their dreams even through misguided, good intentions!

Be their advocate by making sure their needs are met by others when they are not in your care!

Validate them because their experiences are real to them!

Encourage resilience but don’t keep sending them back into what is for them traumatic situations!

Empower independence but do recognise these children need a lot more support in most areas than typical children do!

Be very interested in their day by often asking if people have been kind to them. Ask them to drawer difficult situations for you and act on the information they give you particularly when they feel someone is not kind to them. Safeguard their mental health and protect their self-esteem as if they are highly treasured and valuable commodities because they are!

Choose your battles wisely. Don’t battle with them over inconsequential things but constantly enforce the necessary safety, healthy and behavioural boundaries!

Be kind and they will learn kindness

Dig deep and be patient. You will be amazed how much patience you will need and actually possess!

Allow them time alone doing what they enjoy to help them rejuvenate!

Be thoughtful about their diet. Often eliminating dairy and substituting almond or coconut products can be helpful in managing behavioural and digestive issues.

Further information

“The out of sync child” – Carol Stock Kranowitz

“Safeguarding children with autism” – Wade Tidbury

“The Celestine Prophecy” – The sequel of books by James Redfield

“The Power of Now” and “Our New Earth” – Books by Eckhart Tolle

“The Secret of Secrets” – Video by Harri Kumar (Youtube)

“The Wayseer Manifesto” – Video by Garret John (youtube)

“The indigo, crystal and rainbow children” – Books by Doreen Virtue

“Stem Cell Experiment” by Bruce Lipton’s – 1967 (Youtube) Quantum University

“The Formula For Conscious Alchemy” – Book by Melanie Kaiyanna Mahjenta

Aspienwomen: Moving towards an adult female profile of Autism/Asperger Syndrome

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